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Ocean Bloom based on the beautiful Beara Peninsula in West Cork, Ireland with its stunning mountain and coastal scenery. At the heart of Ocean Bloom’s organic seaweed skincare lies the long known natural therapeutic power of the seaweed gathered from clear and pure Atlantic waters that surround the Beara Shores.

The inspiration for the range came from the use of seaweed in remedies made by the founder firstly to treat her youngest grandson who was born with baby eczema in 2013, she collected seaweed to help his sore, sometimes bleeding skin. He was bathed in seaweed and within a short time she saw a huge difference in his skin (Healing & Beautifying Seaweed Bath).

A year or so later in 2014 a little boy was scalded on his face, she made a blend of seaweed and oils for his mum to put on his skin (Scar & Skin Rejuvenation Oil) and now both little boys both have beautiful, soft, scar free skin. The founder is an an experienced aromatherapist of over 15 years and after treating these little boys and other people asking for her products she decided to create a range of organic seaweed skincare products for wider use and Ocean Bloom was born.

All the products are made using carefully selected organic, natural and exceptional ingredients from around the world, packed with health promoting minerals, nutrients and antioxidants, which they hope you will find make a real and positive difference to your skin, could help you fight disease, lose weight and give you shiny healthy hair.

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