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The healing qualities of Seaweed: Cheryl Cleminson is the founder and experienced aromatherapist behind the natural skincare brand, Ocean Bloom.

This is Cheryl’s story of how she came to know the healing effects of seaweed and how it became integral in her day to day routine.

I am an experienced aromatherapist living in the beautiful wilds of West Cork, I became a proud grandmother for the second time with the birth of baby Alfie James in 2013 but poor little Alfie began to suffer from the distressing baby eczema, we found that the natural baby products for his condition didn’t help and so I made blends of pure oils which we put on his poorly skin but he just reacted so badly to them. His dry flaky skin was spreading down his little face and we needed to soften it and try to stop it and start it healing but anything we put on him made his skin so sore. I had over 15 years experience in aromatherpy but I was at a loss…… what could we do for the little mite.

Then an elderly lady said to me when she saw him ‘we would have taken the children down to the sea in my days if they had any skin troubles… it will help him’ It was then that I looked to the Atlantic Ocean so close to home and we found the cure for Alfie’s upsetting condition….. Seaweed !!!!

I went down to the shore and collected a small amount of seaweed and we used it to bathe him, he was still such a small little fella and was being bathed in his baby bath so only a tiny amount was needed, I collected the seaweed, cleaned it in filtered rain water and dried it slowly so we could store it with all of it’s goodness. After a few treatments Alfie’s skin started to changed, the bright redness was starting to go, the flakiness had softened and was clearing and our gorgeous little man was starting to have the soft baby skin he was supposed to have xx

This is how the Seaweed Serum Pouches came about, when we had his condition under control we needed to have the seaweed serum to hand to apply to him anytime of day if he started with a flair up…..

Then it was used for the boys when they got conjunctivitis and after 2 days it was cleared….. falls and tumbles their skin was cleaned with cotton wool soaked in the serum from the pouches, the natural seaweed and salt…. amazing.

I started using this wonderful serum, I would sit down at night with the bowl on my knee and massaging the serum into my face and body making it super soft with all the vitamins, minerals and iodine in the seaweed, a perfect skin food…. Granny (me) also now had super soft skin. I would also gently rub it into my scalp because my hair seemed to be thinning (another age thing) it certainly made a difference to me I wasn’t losing my hair as much and now it has never been so long …. !!

I am now working on an organic oil & seaweed and organic rose water & seaweed – hair tonic …. whatch this space xxx

All my products are made to help sore skin heal and for healthy skin as a skin food xx

So that is Cheryl’s story and how she came to found her skincare collection, Ocean Bloom. Serenity & Grace is proud to be the only UK stockist of Ocean Bloom products and we are seeing the benefits first hand.

Please visit our shop to view the full range and experience the power of seaweed for yourself.

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